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Right now all the featured creators on the Comixology app are women, and that’s pretty rad.

I wrote a piece for the Jewish Women’s Archive about Jackie Hoffman’s recent show at Baruch PAC.

Toward the end of her introduction, she offers something of an apology for her handling of the book’s subject matter entirely from a heterosexual point of view. She suggests that it was not a matter of heterosexism (although she doesn’t use that term) as much as it was an acknowledgement that lesbian and bisexual women’s experience of their vaginas (in general) and sex (in particular) merit their own handling rather than being lumped together under one rubric.

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The month leading up to Passover is my busiest time at work. I run a website,, which exists to make it easier for anyone in the greater Boston to take part in Jewish life. Passover is the number one time during the year when Jewish people, regardless of what they do during the rest of the year, feel the pull to do something Jewish.

I’m really proud of the resources we’re offering this year, so please excuse me while kvell about them for a moment. (There are more coming, so expect a couple more posts like this.)

  • The Wandering Is Over Haggadah - a free, downloadable, customizable Haggadah, written by yours truly. It’s a no-nonsense approach to the seder for grown-ups who want something that is authentic, meaningful, and accessible.
  • If you’ll have kids at your seder, enhance the experience with our Guide to Engaging Kids And Adults Together, written by my colleague Jodi Jarvis.
  • You can theme your seder with the Including Women’s Voices Haggadah from Jewish Women’s Archive or by adding any number of supplements currently available on our site. Coming soon: a Volunteering-theme Haggadah from ReachOut! (the young adult social justice program of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston) and the Election 2012 Haggadah Supplement by my friend Kate Bigam.
  • If you live in the greater Boston area and need a little more help putting together your seder, we offer a totally free kit called Seder in a Box that includes a seder plate, kiddush cup, some goodies, plus the materials listed above and more. Request yours today!
  • Finally, if you’re looking to enhance your eating over Passover, we’ve got tons of recipes, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and kid-friendly options.

I hope some of this is useful to my friends out there in Tumblr-land. And if you do use any of these resources during the holiday, let me know!

Just before we drink the second cup of wine in the Passover seder, we speak of three symbols considered indispensible to the holiday’s meaning: the shank bone, the matzah, and the bitter herbs. However, in many homes, other symbols are added to this section, from the egg (which sits on the seder place but has no formal mention in traditional Haggadahs) to olives (signs of peace) to oranges and cups of water.

Last year, collaborated with Jewish Women’s Archive on a special edition of our Haggadah called “Including Women’s Voices.” Here’s the section I wrote for that Haggadah on the customs and significance of the orange and Miriam’s Cup. [READ MORE]


During Hanukkah, we celebrated the women who light up our lives. For Women’s History Month, tell us about a woman who lights up YOUR life.

What’s her story?

Why does she inspire you?

What do you do differently because of her?

When you’re finished, please share this project with your friends and family on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you!

March is Women’s History Month. I’ll probably write up a few posts for this Jewish Women’s Archive project. Will you?

(You can submit directly to them, or tag them with a tag that JWA will announce real soon.)

…can we once again revisit the question of why we gender-segregate acting awards? 


Strong (as a woman) (by leahbee5)

My friends are the best.


If you read either of my other tumblrs, you’ve probably picked up the fact that I read a Jule Styne biography over the weekend.

Several facts blew me away, none more than learning that Dorothy Fields was the first-choice pick to write lyrics for Funny Girl. Styne fought against working with her…

Reblogging myself because (a) that’s how I roll and (b) this is an important piece of theatrical history that I suspect not many people know about. Click through for the whole story.

May is National Jewish Heritage Month in the United States, and Jewish Women’s Archive is celebrating by encouraging friends and fans to tweet about their favorite women in their Encyclopedia of Jewish Women. I’m honored to be one of the first batch of “influential tweeters” enlisted to launch the project, and I’m excited to read about all the fascinating women being highlighted.

You can follow all the tweets under the hashtag #jwapedia.