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Lady Elaine was the original BAMF.

#tbt #throwbackthursday Alf environmental stickers. #alf #tv #television

I am watching The West Wing for the first time. Does everyone hate Donna as much as I do?

I haven’t seen the episode yet, but the very fact that someone in Girls HQ felt the need to send this tweet makes me unspeakably sad.

Say what you will about The New Normal, the episodes where Shania impersonates gay icons are the best.

strictlyalright replied to your post: 3dmelody replied to your post: For the final act…

Or maybe you could tell your story differently?

I’d love for you to say more about this.

Because either race & ethnicity matter, or they don’t.

And if they do matter, then telling a story about existing in an insular circle where you only encounter people just like you if a very different story than one that features other perspectives. A large part of the story of Girls is about the naval-gazing insularity of Hannah and her friends (but especially Hannah). The fact that she doesn’t encounter people all that different from her is part of the story. It’s part of what makes her (as Jana put it) “a total asshole,” which is off-putting for some viewers and totally compelling to others.

Emily Nussbaum compared the character to Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm, which I think is an apt comparison. (And I have never been able to get into Curb for that reason. I suspect the difference for me might be my relative distance from the characters, i.e. how much I can see myself in each of them.)

For the final act of my week+ being home sick, I watched all of Girls. I know I’m way behind on this, but wow did I love this show. I think Lena Dunham might be the 21st century Philip Roth.

I know when the show initially aired a lot of people had strong feelings for and against it. Can anyone point me towards articles/blog posts that summed up how they felt?

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Elaine Stritch,
Pins and Needles - Television Cast

Combining two of my favorite things: Elaine Stritch and Harold Rome!

In 1966, New York Television Theater presented an adaptation of Harold Rome’s Pins and Needles on PBS starring Elaine Stritch and Bobby Short. Here’s Stritchy singing one of the show’s hits, “Nobody Makes a Pass At Me.”

(Thanks to Jo for tracking this down for me!)

Did you know there’s a version of YouTube optimized for watching on big screens? YouTube XL + my Wii = YouTube on the television = never leaving my couch again.