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Oops look who I found

He’s gay, 24 and single. Of course he’s on there.

I run into stage personalities (and one NY Times theater reporter) on Tinder fairly regularly. I almost always swipe right just because.


I don’t want to have to add watermarks when I post illustrations or photoshopped jokes to Instagram, but I am over people reposting my stuff as their own.

One of my friends has been doing this with text posts - copying and pasting them onto facebook as though they are her own thoughts, and I feel like I need a pamphlet on how to talk to friends about internet plagiarism. 

Pulitzer time.

  1. Subtweeting
  2. Premium Ticket Prices
  3. People who think misandry is a thing
  4. What iOS upgrades do to my battery life
  5. Shows that expire on Hulu before you get to watch them
  6. Spoilers
  7. GIFs that take forever to load, especially on Tumblr’s mobile app
  8. People who call “cast recordings” “soundtracks.”
  9. Parody videos
  10. People who coopt meaningful religious practices for pathetic attempts at humor


Molly Pope - “There Won’t Be Trumpets” from Anyone Can Whistle at Three Wishes for Sondheimas at 54 Below.

Despite coming as the penultimate number in a really fabulous evening of amazing performances, Molly absolutely brought the fucking house down with this number. We’re talking like Judges 16:30.

Initially Molly was just going to sing one song in the show, “Me and My Town.” I mentioned that there was room for another if she wanted, and when she came back with this number, I gay gasped and screamed “YAASSSSSS!” at my computer (and that is not something I ever do) because it was so obviously perfect. 

Just knowing Molly’s voice and this song, I had written into the script for the show that following her song I would say, “Friends, I think I speak for us all when I say: Holy fucking shit Molly Pope.”

During soundcheck, Molly earnestly entreated me not to say that line. “What if people don’t like it?” I looked at her like she was crazy, but out of respect to her wishes, I didn’t say it.

But I’m pretty sure I didn’t need to because the house ERUPTED with applause and screams, and for the next week Twitter was filled with love for Molly.

You might notice that Molly is the only performer in Sondheimas who did two numbers from the same show. More on that later.


Dolly Parton’s Head



dollheadThese GIFs were originally made for Sheroes, a limited run art party in Toronto that hosted performances and screenings responding to a lauded woman. The number of amazing GIFs made for the Dolly Parton themed party is truly astounding, but these by Anthony Antonellis really stand out. That’s partly just because they’re so weird and creepy, but also the motion of these heads really activates…

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Cat Photo Friday!

Hey doesany1stillwearahat, mikerhone made that image (and submitted it to sondheimlolcats). If you’re not going to reblog it from its original posting, at least credit the source. 


Cat Photo Friday!

Hey doesany1stillwearahat, mikerhone made that image (and submitted it to sondheimlolcats). If you’re not going to reblog it from its original posting, at least credit the source. 

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"Every Day A Little Death" - Leah Horowitz with Tamra Hayden
from Three Wishes for Sondheimas at 54 Below

Not a whole lot of commentary on this one except to say that it was the first song that came to mind for Leah when she said she’d do the show, and she does it perfectly. 

Early on, she asked if I had any direction for her to consider. It was so early that I wasn’t yet sure if this was going to be integrated into the pageant (I knew that Anne Egerman was going to figure into it)… So I said something to the effect of “whether it ends up part of a greater structure or just a standalone cabaret number, think of it as a conversation with yourself rather than giving advice to another character as it was in the original show.” That’s not a lot to go on, but watching Leah perform the number, I think she nails this approach. 

We weren’t sure if we were going to have a second singer do the echo parts, but Tamra was available and game and they sound beautiful together.

My razor lied to me about length setting and now you can see my stupid face.