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oppreciate asked me to list 15 things that make me happy and I think I’m supposed to tag some people so how about thestepsofthepalace and bedwyrssong and aliveandfullofjoy.

1. When whatever it is I’ve been freaking out about with obsessive anxiety turns out not to be the horrible thing I imagined.

2. When Rhoda, my cat, decides to snuggle with me on her own accord.

3. When I have the time to cook myself a nice meal and it all turns out delicious.

4. When I consider that the question might be asking about “things” in the plain sense, i.e. objects, but recognize that “things” can also be applied conceptually so I don’t have to start this post over.

5. Hot cocoa on a chilly night.

6. When one of my crazy schemes turns into a real thing that happened (cf Sondheimas)

7. Finding obscure things I have been searching for.

8. Spending time with people I like, especially in groups of people who all like each other.

9. “I’m The Greatest Star” from the original Broadway cast recording of Funny Girl.

10. Special editin candies, unless the concept is truly horrific (looking at you, cherry-flavored M&Ms).

11. Hot dogs on pretzel buns.

12. Beating people at Words With Friends when I know they are generally better at the game than I am.

13. When someone gives me a present that demonstrates they really understand who I am and what delights me.

14. Reading something I’ve written in the past and forgotten about and discovering a particularly well-employed turn of phrase.

15. Dessert.

Here’s to the ladies who lunch on alphabet soup.

(via aliveandfullofjoy)

112 plays
Ben Kweller With Ben Folds & Ben Lee,
Wig in a Box
I’ve been looking for something,
And who can reckon the cost?
You chase it every day.
you think you’re on your way,
And then you’re temporarily lost.
Jason Robert Brown, The Bridges of Madison County

The complete Bridges of Madison County track-by-tack audio commentary with Jason Robert Brown and Kelli O’Hara is now available on YouTube.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
As a single 31-year-old should I be depressed at the questioner shocked a 31-year-old might be attractive?
itsdlevy itsdlevy Said:


If younger people aren’t making us lot depressed, they’re not doing their job properly.



The Universe is a Small Hat is a multi-player immersive musical. You will recieve all necessary information when you purchase your ticket.”



Molly Pope + wacky crazy immersive theatre = how can this not be perfect?

I saw a reading a Joe’s Pub a few months ago and Molly has a blow-your-mind showstopper.

Men, to her, were like batteries. Whenever she lost her charge, she put another one in her.
Tom Stoppard, Indian Ink
Our goal is that we’re hoping people will say ‘they didn’t touch the book.

Robert Cary and Jonathan Tolins on providing “additional material” for the new Broadway revival of ON THE TOWN, in a piece I wrote about the musical revisal trend. (via mrdavidgordon)

If that’s their goal, they should consider removing the gay joke.

I’m now a “community culture curator” at Flavorpill, which is a step up from “open to anyone blogging” and not quite “paid freelancer,” but I’m thrilled to be doing it. Here’s my first piece.