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Kinky Boots pretty much exemplifies the concept of 100 people’s 9th favorite thing.

63 plays
Jule Styne, Leo Robin,
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1962 London Cast)


Bye Bye Baby" from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Original London Cast, 1962)

music Jule Styne lyric Leo Robin

performance Dora Bryan, Donald Stewart, and company

Meanwhile, Across the Pond: London Cast Recordings of Broadway Hits, Day 4

Dora Bryan fully succeeds in making this role her own, but what I find particularly striking about this take are the dixie-land flavored orchestrations!

2 plays
Dora Bryan, Company,
70 Girls, 70

Sad to read that Dora Bryan passed away. She was the star of the British productions of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Hello, Dolly! (following Mary Martin), and 70, Girls, 70. She had some radio success with her novelty record "All I Want For Christmas Is A Beatle" in 1963. You may also remember her from her role on AbFab as Dolly.

History, as we all learned from Stephen Sondheim’s “Something in a Tree,” is shaped as much by the storytellers as it is by the story. Herein lies both the charm and the challenge of The Untold Stories of Broadway by Jennifer Ashley Tepper, the first in a projected four volumes of “tales from the world’s most famous theaters.” Tepper, armed with little more than a tape recorder and chutzpah, interviewed over 200 Broadway professionals, including actors, writers, musicians, designers, stagehands, producers, ushers and doormen, to create this oral history of Broadway organized by theater.

I reviewed Jen Tepper’s book for Talkin’ Broadway. 



lindsaybarenz, mildlybitter, and itsdlevy discuss Stephen Adly Guigis’s new play at Atlantic Theater, Between Riverside and Crazy; an immersive play about dating in New York City, Play/Date; the final offering of the ENCORES Off-Center season, Pump Boys and Dinettes; an outdoor production of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson from Piper Theatre; and what shows we’re looking forward to seeing this week.


My favorite part of this episode is when I start to praise Stephen Adly Guigis for exposing me to the heterosexual male point of view on stage — entirely earnestly — before realizing that’s my internalized homophobia talking, with a shout out to fuckyeahgreatplays for reminding me that the most produced plays in this country come from that POV, which is, lest we forget, also the hegemonic majority POV in our culture.

I just spelled Brooks Ashmanskas’s name correctly on the first try without cheating. That’s the Broadway version of beating a boss battle and leveling up, right?

Official story on LMM from the Henson company:…

That story is one of the reasons given in the Wikipedia entry. But the blog post from the Henson company includes some great artwork!

Little Muppet Monsters episode one

During the second season of Muppet Babies, that show was paired with this one to make an hour-long block. I have vivid memories of watching and loving this show, and being totally confused why it disappeared after the third episode, never to be seen again.

Wikipedia has conflicting answers to why that happened, but I’m excited to see that someone has put the show on YouTube!


Monet Sabel (previously featured on Fuck Yeah Stephen Sondheim for her work with Charlie Rosen’s Broadway Big Band) is doing a set of early Sondheim numbers at Don’t Tell Mama in August. I’ll be at the show on August 18th. Sit with me?

Guys, DTM is only a $10 cover plus two drink minimum, so this is a bargain even before you get to sit with me!