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58 plays
Carol Channing,
Madeline and other Bemelmans (Caedmon TC-1113)

Why not let Carol Channing read you a bedtime story tonight?


Apparently La Cage aux Folles opened today (tomorrow?) so here’s Jerry Herman singing “I Am What I Am” on the demo tracks for the show.

From Avenging Spider-Man #7


We finally got a press release on BWW! This feels so real!

September 15, 9:30pm at the Beechman
#broadway #theatre #cabaret #mrswormwood #atomic #queenlesli

I’m just gonna leave this right here so I remember to read and discuss it with y’all later.


I am coming to the slow realization that I have to relearn my theatre/Stagedoor etiquette now that I know people in the shows. As the person who routinely leaves the party without saying goodbye to anyone it’s bewildering. Life is confusing.

Meeee tooooo.

124 plays
Rita Moreno,
She Loves Me 1977 with Madeline Kahn


I Resolve - Rita Moreno in the 1977 Town Hall concert of She Loves Me

This is important because she didn’t get to sing this song when she played this role in the London production. (They wrote her a similar but less difficult song, “Heads I Win,” claiming she couldn’t pull off “I Resolve.”)

(via awkwardlyhilarious)


"West End Avenue," the big showstopper of The Magic Show was written out for the filmed production and replaced with “Where Did the Magic Go?” Despite a heartfelt performance by Didi Conn the lighting and camera angles are the best thing about the song.

 (Also Didi Conn was Frenchy in the Grease movie, the voice of Raggedy Ann, and Richard Maltby Jr.’s wife)

Close. She’s David Shire’s wife.