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An interview with stage and screen actress Adepero Oduye (Movies: 12 Years a Slave, Pariah and Broadway: The Trip to Bountiful) by fashion designer and entrepreneur Busayo Olupona. This is a gorgeous interview about having the guts to pursue your dreams and the grit to persist when they seem out of reach.

For access to Busayo’s fashion line visit:

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jmbrauer replied to your post: “Kinky Boots pretty much exemplifies the concept of 100 people’s 9th…”:

Totally fair but have you seen the movie? It’s one of my favorite things. Me and eight other people. One of whom is my mom.

I haven’t, but I would like to.

wildseedcometrue replied to your post: “23.”:

what was the court case?

It’s a long story but it had to do with the dissolution of the record company I helped found.

itsdlevy itsdlevy Said:

I started Fuck Yeah Stephen Sondheim when I was 32, so that’s the actual answer to the question.

That was my public response to the end of my first serious relationship. I was devastated and I needed a project to occupy my mind so I wouldn’t wallow.

I had a private project of exploration and growth that year as well, but I’m too much a gentleman to ever blog about that.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
27, 29? :)
itsdlevy itsdlevy Said:

You can just head over to and look up those years, although I was mostly writing freelance and not blogging per se.

I’m not sure I have any specific memories of being 27 except I think it was a pretty good year. I think that was the year I moved back to Harvard and became a drama tutor, so I met a lot if fascinating people, some of whom are still close friends. But one doesn’t blog about one’s students. It was nice to be immersed in the making of theater again. That was also the year I started getting into comics hard core as an adult, so I probably would have blogged about The New Avengers, but instead I put that energy into online forums. I also spent a lot of time writing reviews of Boston theater that year.

I’m sure had I kept a journaly blog in when I was 29, it would have been full of career angst and friendship angst. I messed up what could have been the start of a great relationship, got into a huge fight with my best friend that led to us not speaking until this year, and I finally admitted to myself that I was in Boston for the long haul and bought a condo. I may be off by a year or so - I’m a little fuzzy on what maps to each year of my 20s. And I for sure have no idea what my pop culture obsessions were.

itsdlevy itsdlevy Said:

I had a blog at age 23 so I can tell you exactly what I blogged about: my life in LA working for a struggling record label, meeting and interviewing many of my Broadway heroes, 9/11, losing my job… And then when a page from my blog was entered into evidence in a court case, I lost my taste for blogging for quite a while.

Asker bluepeets Asks:
itsdlevy itsdlevy Said:

When I was 2 I didn’t have the command of language to blog, but I was really into my Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal and my dog Spunky who would have much preferred me to leave him alone.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
aged 8, 12, 16
itsdlevy itsdlevy Said:

At age 8 there was quite a bit of fine Saturday Morning television I was obsessed with, including The Muppet Babies, The Gummy Bears, the Smurfs, and The Flintstone Kids. At that age I was also starting to write fiction, sometimes in tandem with my best friend - I want to say we were working on an epic Double Dragon fanfic, so that would have gone online for sure.

At 12, I started junior high and went from feeling like an outcast with few friends to feeling like I was the center of a social circle. There were right of us who spent all our time together - most of us were also in show choir. So I’m sure our adventures (you know, going to the mall or the movies without our parents) would have been a big deal.

At 16, I guess I was a junior in high school? I was editor in chief of my school newspaper, had a big part in the school musical and co-directed a revue, plus I was a regional board member of my youth group and hit peak religiosity (including two trips to Israel that year, and a trip to Poland to see death camps) so who would have time to blog?

Asker bedwyrssong Asks:
itsdlevy itsdlevy Said:

That depends on whether the blog was public or private.

14 was a major year for me. That summer I went on a six-week cross-country bus tour with my youth group and “got religion” in a major way. I started keeping kosher, going to synagogue weekly, and began shifting f my main social relationships from friends at school to friends in the youth group.

That summer, after I got back from the trip, I also had my first real sexual experience with a boy. I also had my first kiss with a girl. And then I started high school, and in marching band I developed a major crush on the guy, the lead trumpet player who was a senior, which led to a year of adventures, emotions, and hanky panky.

My diary from that year was filled with the dual strands of figuring out what was going on with me religiously and sexually.

But if the blog was public, it would have been about theater (I saw Falsettos on Broadway and played the Ringmaster in Barnum) and show choir and music (I was super into REM’s Out of Time) and whatever shitty television was popular in 1992.

I’m on a train for the next four plus hours so please and thank you.

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