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This is exciting news, but read it carefully - we’re not going to see this book for at least four years…

In case you missed the news this morning…



Nelson Hamilton, one of the world’s foremost Shakespeare scholars, analyzes Kenneth Branagh’s performances in film adaptations of some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays such as Pride and Prejudice, a favorite of high school students around the world; as well as Love’s Labour’s Lost, the flawed and commercially unsuccessful juke-box musical.

He isn’t a very good analyst. I mean, he does gloss over the fact that Love’s Labour’s Lost was such a failure because it was to similar to Wicked.

But… Pride and Prejudice comment aside… Branagh’s Love’s Labour’s Lost WAS a flawed and commercially unsuccessful jukebox musical.

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College tuition has risen by 553% since 1984. One GIF shows just how harsh that is

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This is why anyone who went to college before the 1990s can shove their “Hey, I worked my way through school and graduated with no debt” talk…

Physically hurting looking at this.

I “escaped” college in 2006 and it was crazy expensive back then! I can’t even comprehend what today’s students are going through.

One of our most frequent babysitters from back in the day started college in 2000. I remember my mom explaining that Karen was going to a private college, and tuition cost a lost of money. I think she said $10k/year. HAHAHAHAHAH.

I graduated in 2000 and I assure you tuition was much higher than $10K at private colleges then. (I went to one of the more expensive and I think it was around $42K.)


We know what tomorrow is. We know that you know what tomorrow is. Let’s kick off the “celebration” right now. 

Above is a never-before-released performance of Julia Murney singing Jeff Blumenkrantz’s “Welcome to My Apartment.” This song is a humorous tribute to one of Julia’s most memorable voiceover jobs. (We’ll be posting a couple of videos of that story tomorrow.)

And just in case you don’t know, or if you’ve somehow forgotten, this song is definitely NSFW or sensitive ears.

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But was it delicious?

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The Ensemblist Podcast: Mo Brady and Nikka Graff Lanzarone


The Ensemblist #32: I’m.In.Tech.

(Tumblr audio being wonky? Click one of the other links below to check out the episode:)

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We’ve talked a lot on the show about everything it takes to put up a Broadway musical- the creative team, the audition process, the myriad ways ensemblists are used onstage- but we haven’t talked about moving into the theatre, the incredibly long days, the tedious moments, and the crazy times of tech.

The process of technical rehearsals, where every moment of the show is now looked at by every department instead of just in the safe space of the rehearsal room. Now, it’s all about rehearsals for sound, lights, projections, props, crew, orchestra, wardrobe, hair, and many more- it is during these rehearsals that a show truly comes together.

Tech takes its toll on your personal life, sanity, eating habits, and your workout schedule, but hearing the audience enjoy the final product when the show is FINALLY up and running is a feeling like no other. On this episode of The Ensemblist, we speak to three actors, all recently familiar with the tech process on Broadway. We hear about the entire process from the mundane moments to the dream-fulfilling experiences.

Our Guests:
Lori Ann Ferreri 
twitter | instagram | Q&A

Michael James Scott
website | facebook | twitter | instagram | Q&A

Ephraim Sykes
facebook | twitter | instagram | Q&A

Let me just say that as someone who is experiencing for the first time what it’s like to be dating someone going through tech and previews, this episode was immensely comforting to me.


Sweeney Todd: 3 filmed productions and a movie

Company: Two filmed productions

Gypsy: Two Movies

Merrily We Roll Along: A proshot


Company has three filmed productions. The BBC aired the Sam Mendes production starring Adrian Lester. (I’m guessing that’s the one you don’t know about.)

(And I’m not sure why you’re putting Merrily's filmed production in a different category… It was also shown in cinemas and then released for purchase.)

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Do you have Jay and Heidi's "Big D"?
itsdlevy itsdlevy Said:
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Jay Armstrong Johnson and Heidi Blickenstaff,
The Most Happy Fella (Encores!)

More of Jay and Heidi in The Most Happy Fella

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Jay Armstrong Johnson and Heidi Blickenstaff,
The Most Happy Fella (Encores!)

Jay was also a highlight of the Encores! production of The Most Happy Fella.